Are you oxidatively stressed?

Oxidative stress and free radicals. Some of those big phrases that are being thrown around these days. But what do they actually mean? I do cover this in my nutrition and supplement information events, but thought I’d share it with the wider blog reading world! Definition The Oxford dictionary defines oxidative stress as “A situation… Continue reading Are you oxidatively stressed?

Why rabbits don’t wear glasses…

Well they eat carrots! Everyone knows that right? But what has that to do with glasses and eye sight? When I attended a training on nutrition and supplements I was surprised to hear that we need specific vitamins and minerals to offset the damaging blue lights we use every day in our technology heavy age.… Continue reading Why rabbits don’t wear glasses…

Eat your fruit don’t drink it!

I came across this phrase recently while listening to an online training and it stuck with me. It actually makes sense to me but I wanted to dig a bit deeper. Why wouldn’t a smoothie be as good as the real thing? After all it’s got exactly the same stuff in it as if you… Continue reading Eat your fruit don’t drink it!

The Wet Stuff

I was pondering what to write this week’s blog about and as I was filling up the dog bowl it occurred to me that water would be a good topic. Especially as it’s lovely and hot at the moment and you are all hopefully having plenty of the wet stuff (drinking it as well as… Continue reading The Wet Stuff

The Truth about Vitamin C

So after writing lifestyle blogs for the last two weeks, I thought it was time for another one about a specific Vitamin. And I went for the one that is best known. It actually is the most searched vitamin on the internet! I used to buy it as an effervescent tablet from Sainsbury’s but since… Continue reading The Truth about Vitamin C

To Salt or not to Salt

We are constantly told to stop using salt, it’s bad for you. But when I went to my nutrition and supplement training I was surprised to hear that we actually need it! We just have too much of it! Salt – also called Sodium – assists with the regulation of the body’s water content. And… Continue reading To Salt or not to Salt

Are you D-ficient?

Today’s title comes from the talented Sheila Wilson. I couldn’t think of one so asked the facebook community. There were quite a few good ones, but this one definitely stood out! So here it is! Vitamins, nutrients, supplements – something close to my heart. And with the recent bout of sunshine we had (she says… Continue reading Are you D-ficient?