Ouch is what I was saying a lot of at the beginning of October. I had run out of my Forever Freedom drinking gel. It’s my daily energy boost but also includes MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin and with this keeps my achy hip in check. I’ve had this ever since having Solomon. And if I… Continue reading Ouch!

Strong Bones

This is something I touch on in my nutrition and supplement information evenings because it is so strongly related to that topic. We have over 200 bones in our body and they are so much more than just a protective and supportive framework for our body. They actually are really important store for crucial nutrients,… Continue reading Strong Bones

Are late dinners bad for you?

I came across an article that claimed late dinners are terrible for your health. We quite often don’t eat till 8pm, and I was wondering what the truth is in this. Is an 8pm dinner actually a late dinner in the first place? So I had a look around. And again – there are just… Continue reading Are late dinners bad for you?

Happy Meal

Nope, I’m not actually talking about that one from the big fast food chain (even though it makes Jana very happy to get one of those as a treat). No I’m actually talking about foods that make you happy. Ever heard of those? My first thought on this was chocolate as I am sure it… Continue reading Happy Meal

Are you oxidatively stressed?

Oxidative stress and free radicals. Some of those big phrases that are being thrown around these days. But what do they actually mean? I do cover this in my nutrition and supplement information events, but thought I’d share it with the wider blog reading world! Definition The Oxford dictionary defines oxidative stress as “A situation… Continue reading Are you oxidatively stressed?

Out of the frying pan…

With all the choice out there – what oil should we be cooking with? I had no idea really, so I decided to do some research – and share it with you! I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to avoid harmful side effects from cooking with the wrong oil… And it looks… Continue reading Out of the frying pan…

Eat your fruit don’t drink it!

I came across this phrase recently while listening to an online training and it stuck with me. It actually makes sense to me but I wanted to dig a bit deeper. Why wouldn’t a smoothie be as good as the real thing? After all it’s got exactly the same stuff in it as if you… Continue reading Eat your fruit don’t drink it!