Suncream – the naked truth!

I know it isn’t really the weather to talk about suncream without wanting to cry… British summer for you. But be encouraged, the rest of Europe had a pretty rubbish summer too. So for a change it wasn’t just happening here! Someone told me the other day that reapplying suncream is useless and we shouldn’t… Continue reading Suncream – the naked truth!

Happy Meal

Nope, I’m not actually talking about that one from the big fast food chain (even though it makes Jana very happy to get one of those as a treat). No I’m actually talking about foods that make you happy. Ever heard of those? My first thought on this was chocolate as I am sure it… Continue reading Happy Meal

Are you oxidatively stressed?

Oxidative stress and free radicals. Some of those big phrases that are being thrown around these days. But what do they actually mean? I do cover this in my nutrition and supplement information events, but thought I’d share it with the wider blog reading world! Definition The Oxford dictionary defines oxidative stress as “A situation… Continue reading Are you oxidatively stressed?

Out of the frying pan…

With all the choice out there – what oil should we be cooking with? I had no idea really, so I decided to do some research – and share it with you! I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to avoid harmful side effects from cooking with the wrong oil… And it looks… Continue reading Out of the frying pan…